Meet Our Staff

Leanette Sithole

Permaculture Manager

Leanette first came to Limpopo in 1975 and worked at Beretta Primary School since its inception in 1985, leaving in 2016 to become Permaculture Manager for A Spring of Hope. Intensely dedicated to the school, the children,  the surrounding community, and South Africa as a whole, Leanette took the water from the borehole drilled by A Spring of Hope in 2006 and transformed the school grounds into a model of permaculture principles. As a result of her tireless efforts, the school went on to become an example of academic achievement, offering exceptional career guidance to its many students, and can now boast alumni who have succeeded in careers as doctors, nurses, and educators – some even returning to Beretta to teach. It’s evident, when talking with Leanette, to see how passionately she is committed to the permaculture method as a way improve the country and health its people. For her, though, it’s not just a method of gardening, but principles for life, for sharing knowledge, and for loving people. Ubuntu!

Andrew Ndlovu

Mechanical Manager


Born in Welverdiend Village outside of Acornhoek, Andrew is the “Mr. Fix It” of his community. After completing high school in 2008, Andrew enrolled at the South African Wildlife College and received his field ranger certificate. His first job was at the Thorny Bush Waterside Game Lodge. Later, he began an assistantship that dramatically expanded his knowledge of water delivery systems and community improvement. Andrew left the Lodge to work in his village on maintenance of water systems as well as domestic wiring and plumbing. He is also an active member of the Welverdiend Development Forum, a network of active citizens dedicated to the improvement of Welverdiend Village, one of the poorest in Limpopo. He is delighted to dedicate some of his time working for A Spring of Hope. By overseeing borehole drilling and installing water pumps, Andrew is able to put his expert knowledge to use and help his community as well as others.

Peach Ratshana

South Africa Liaison

peach2 peach1

Though born in Pretoria, Peach spent her early years being raised by her grandmother in Johannesburg. After attending Parkhurst Primary, she then had a life-changing opportunity to study at Southern Cross Schools. No longer confined to the city, she began to realize the importance of education, people and nature; principles which inspired her to become a social entrepreneur. Her passion is community-based work, where not only do you teach but learn. She is currently completing her BCom degree and will ultimately major in social entrepreneurship.

She is excited to be working with A Spring of Hope as she recognizes the importance of  providing the basic necessities such as water, sanitation, and food to schools in historically disadvantaged areas. When these needs are met, children not only want to be in that environment, but it provides for stability and uninterrupted education, thus allowing the children to reach their full potential. She also sees the additional benefit these positive economic developments bring to the surrounding communities in helping to break the cycle of poverty.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” ~Nelson Mandela

Carolynne Smith

Design & Social Media

carolynne2 carolynne1

Carolynne  manages A Spring of Hope’s website and social media accounts and designs additional graphics used for print and web. After spending 10 years working in the horse industry, Carolynne decided, in 2000, to pursue an education in graphic design. As a freelance designer, she first began to develop a relationship with A Spring of Hope in 2009. Always a great admirer of the passion and dedication of Joanne and Brittany’s activism and philanthropy, she welcomed the chance to become more deeply involved in the organization. Carolynne lives in Northern California and her business, PixelGraphix, provides graphic design solutions to a wide variety of clients.