Each year A Spring of Hope has striven to exceed the previous year. We’ve increased the number of wells drilled per year and added additional components to our program. We’ve expanded our partnership network and held events in order to increase fundraising capabilities.


In 2015, our work in South Africa continued unabated as we acquired additional funding sources which not only helped us build on our fundamental mission of providing clean water to rural South African schools, but to also to further the expansion of our permaculture and sanitation programs.

A Spring of Hope drilled eight boreholes. Acorn to Oaks Secondary School, Mpithi Combined School, Burlington Crèche, Thandokazi Primary, Salani Primary, Manyangana High School, Nkalane Primary, and Nkotobona High were all provided with a clean, reliable water source and the necessary pumps, well stands and other infrastructure.

We hosted permaculture gardening classes and did repairs at Tsakelani Crèche
and Xitenga Crèche. Gardens and fencing was installed at Tsakelani Crèche, Burlington Crèche and Maranatha Crèche.

We also purchased a much needed small pick up truck.


We hired a Development Director in Johannesburg whose primary job is
fundraising and grant writing. She has forged a relationship with Rand Water
Foundation bringing 1.6 million rand (approx.. 130,000USD) to ASoH for water-less sanitation projects in 2015.

This partnership has resulted in the installation of new water-less toilets at several of our partner schools, which will drastically reduce the spread of disease, as well as conserve precious resources in the region.

The children of rural South African schools, while not personally knowing you, acknowledge your gift with much gratitude. They continue to strive to overcome the effects of extreme poverty and work hard towards a successful education. I would like to thank our many supporters and donors, for without them, our work would not be possible. We understand that there are many causes that need funding all over the world and we so appreciate your endorsement of water related projects. We look forward to the future and the goal of all children having access to clean, safe water.

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